How To Maximise The Success of Your Project

Property projects can be stressful at the best of times, so adopting a ‘control the controllable’ approach is crucial for success. Here are five tips that can help you put your hands around any project: Thorough Planning and Risk Assessment Before embarking on any property project, always, always invest significant time in meticulous planning and […]

The Steps To Buying A Portfolio

Portfolio purchasing can be a really good way to accelerate your property journey and get to scale quickly. Whether it’s Family Lets, HMOs or mixed use (commercial / residential), or freehold blocks, here is a quick run down of some of the salient points. Who is selling? Generally, there are two types of seller. Landlords […]

What is a purchase lease option and how does it work?

Firstly, a purchase lease option (PLO) is a sophisticated deal and in one sentence it’s simply a way to take control of a property now and pay for it later. Sounds good hey? In slightly more detail it’s actually a contractual agreement between a property owner (the landlord) and a buyer that combines aspects of […]

What do a Chiropractor and a Property Mentor have in Common?

I’ve had on and off knee pain for a while, and I am currently in a really good consistent exercise routine, but thought prevention is better than cure so I’d get it checked out in advance of any real niggles occurring. Little did I know that the chiropractor (Tim) was about to offer the same […]

What You Need To Know About Property Deal Flow?

We currently have 2 large portfolios we’re progressing and room for a small numbers of JV partners that want a great return on their investment! Amazing right? People only want to hear about amazing deals coming off and success stories, right? Well, not always. It’s great to share news of deals, but I believe people […]

What is a Family Investment Company (FIC)? How is used with Property?

A Family Investment Company (FIC) is a private limited company specifically structured to manage family wealth, assets, and investments. It’s typically owned and operated by family members, and its primary purpose is to hold and manage various assets, including property, securities, cash, and other investments, but it can be advantageous for managing property investments: 1. […]

Things To Look Out For When Buying An HMO

When buying an HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) conducting thorough due diligence is crucial to ensure a successful investment. Here are the top 10 due diligence checks you should consider: 1. HMO Licensing and Compliance Understand the specific HMO licensing requirements for the property. Each local authority may have different regulations, so check their guidelines. […]

Should I Own Property in Personal Name or Ltd Co?

I often get asked this question by investors and the simple answer is it depends! Everyone has differing circumstances, goals and tax situations, so here are the pros and cons to hep you make a judgement. Personal Name: Pros: 1. Simplicity Owning property personally has fewer administrative and tax requirements and is less complex 2. […]

Five Tips To Help You Start Property Investing

Here are 5 tips for anyone wanting to start investing in property whether it’s diversifying your investment strategy or planning for retirement. You can do all these yourself or if you’re time poor you can work with a professional to guide you through the maze and create a bespoke plan for you. You decide…  1. […]