What do a Chiropractor and a Property Mentor have in Common?
I’ve had on and off knee pain for a while, and I am currently in a really good consistent exercise routine, but thought prevention is better than cure so I’d get it checked out in advance of any real niggles occurring. Little did I know that the chiropractor (Tim) was about to offer the same advice as my property mentor….
So, there I was at the end of my follow-up and Tim was explaining that in order for me to push through the weightlifting barriers I usually experience (what happens to me is when do squats, as the bar increases in weight at some point I get pain in my knee so I need to back off and in effect I plateau) I needed to do the exercise plan he outlined for the next few weeks to build up my hip flexibility, and that would allow me to access the strength in my leg. Nothing new here, I’m sure you’ve been to a chiro or physio and come out being told to do some exercises, but do you always do them? That’s the question.
Anyway, the words that followed the ask were straight out of an Aran Curry VIP session! Tim simply said the secret to progressing past the plateau is to take consistent action over a logo period of time! Now at this point I can hear Aran in my head, ‘learning times action equals results’ applying that to how we develop ourselves on our property journey. I’ve quoted that myself many times! But here was Tim saying the same things. Learn how to maintain flexibility (know which exercises help your specific issue), take action (do them consistently) and you’ll be rewarded with a new personal best.
The obvious reflection is that some things are just life truisms and not property specific. We can apply Learning X Action = Results to anything at all, but if we want long lasting change, if we want to create generational wealth, if we want to transform our body, whatever the ambition, the real secret is taking that consistent action over a long period of time!
I help time poor people invest into property to ensure they get the lifestyle they deserve into retirement and am currently looking for investors that want a guaranteed return on their investment. Do you know any like that?